Reasons why I switched to a new site!

Hi everyone! This is Vivian, I appreciate your attention to visit my blog, really. If you know me before I created Lifedevivi 2 years ago in Seattle and that was where I started. It has been quite a journey so I want to say, thank you for your support!

I moved to Harker Heights (about an hour north of Austin, TX) because of a military move (Daniel works for US Army). I gave up working in Seattle after graduation from UW and came to this new city! What do a girl gotta do living in middle of nowhere and know no one? I struggled to think of my career plan and want to do something I'm sincerely passionate about and do it for life. 

I gave photography a shot since I've always wanted to pursue it along with blogging, and somehow this is working for me! So now,  I want to take it seriously, which is the main reason why I'm building this website to combine my fashion+lifestyle feeds and photography. Deep down, I don't want to label myself, I want to be have more opportunities to create in this digital world, as simple as that. 


It's such an odd and exciting moment when I'm starting this new site from scratch.. I hope I made the right decision and would love to receive your continued support! I'm thinking to run my first Instagram live soon, what do you think? Any questions you want to ask? :)