Favorite b&w movies?

Grow up my first dream job was to be a movie director, then I wanted to be a fashion stylist, and now I'm a photographer and blogger, which I absolutely love what I do every day.

If you ask what kind of movies do I love the most? I'd say my preference is very board. But I'm always drawn to movies in the 50s and 60s, e.g. romantic comedy 'Some like it hot', 'The Apartment', Alfred Hitchcocks' movies. Back then people are more simple, they write letters, just more romantic in general lol. This year I want to work on some cinematic shoots for personal projects and bring out more stories to share. This is a recent shoot I did with Merrill during my trip to New York. 

Merril is very easy and awesome to work with, he flew to his next destination right after our shoot! I guess timing is really important when it comes to working with the right models, haha.